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Resort development producing

PN5 provides optimal solutions for various challenges in resort development with contents such as stylish container houses, trailer houses, and attractive swimming pools that combine functionality and design, We will help you develop an outdoor resort that meets your needs in terms of concept image, location, environment, budget scale, etc.

Whole new outdoor resort proposing - NOT campground, NOT glamping site -

A new outdoor resort with comfortable livability and your own private space. It's a resort that can be rented out only by family or friends.
You can spend your time in a tent you set up yourself, or you can spend your time in a comfortable living space with air-conditioned stylish container house / trailer house.
Whether you like camping or not, you can enjoy nature together, and Your pets will enjoy the dog run in a large private space.

Our services

Container House Trailer House

A design concept that you can't find in conventional ideas

The interior and furniture are all finished in Southeast Asia and imported for realizing cost reduction. As an alternative to short-life glamping tents, it can be used for various purposes such as workcations and second houses.
We can also provide a trailer house. Since it's possible to move using public roads, it can be installed and used in urbanization control areas where it is difficult to construct houses.

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Container House Trailer House planning manufacturing and sales

Swimming Pool

Be a part of the landscape or painting of arts

We propose unique and distinguished pools with originality and ingenuity from private residences to resort hotels.
We provide a rich pool life with various ideas; such as an infinity pool where the water surface blends into the background, a warm and cold water system that can be enjoyed regardless of the season, LED underwater lighting that vividly colors the pool at night, and a Wall Fountain that plays the cool sound of water.

miyakojima aqua pool

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PN5 Inc.
Tatsuya Ichinomiya
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Container House, Trailer House, planning manufacturing and sales
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49 Maesatozoe Irabu Miyakojima, Okinawa 906-0501
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449-3-4706 Ichinotsubo Nakahara Kawasaki, Kanagawa 211-0016
92-1 Irabu Irabu Miyakojima, Okinawa 906-0503

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